Evidence of Action

Sometimes it can be the photo taken after an event that fully illustrates it. Say for instance there was a tsunami, the photo of the insane wave would be immense and show the event in it’s all rawness. But a photo with the after effects of the tsunami, houses sucked away, people struggling to survive, these are the photos that tell the whole story.

I had to take a photo that showed evidence of action.

Skye, my cat, turned up at the house having clearly sat in a muddy puddle, he was drenched in mud and covering the house in nice themed paw prints. There was only one thing for it, Skye needed a bath. I grabbed my camera and watched as poor Dad was attacked by a blur of claws as he tried to wash Skye in the small bucket. Skye put up quite a fight and escaped before he’d even been fully washed. I felt guilty taking a photo but it was perfect for the course. I took this as Skye shook his back leg on the grass and walked off dejectedly. Don’t worry though, he was soon back for a cuddle of forgiveness.  It was interesting taking a photo depicting the aftermath of an event, something I will think about in future.



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