Illustration by Juxtaposition


As expert photography says, “Juxtaposition happens when two or more elements in a scene that either contrast each other, or one element contributes towards another to create an overall theme. It’s all about making the viewer wonder why we chose a certain viewpoint for the photo, and why we decided it was good enough to share with others. To create a point of juxtaposition, the photo must have at least two elements in the photo that contains strong visual weight, so that the viewer looks at both at the same time and comes to their own conclusion about their purpose in the photo.”

I took the following to illustrate juxtaposition.

A bugs eye  `instead of the usual macro of a bug I decided to include myself taking a photo of the insect. It was on the other side of the glass and I took the reflection of myself taking the photo. 


Love Potion. Taken for Assignment three. The contrast of the rose petal and the water join together to form a heart. 







  1. There’s something compelling about bugs-eye. Whose watching who and all in soft muted tones.

    1. Thank you very much. Haha, even I got confused who was watching who when I looked at the final image and wrote about it 😛

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