Assignment Five Tutor Feedback

Just realised I haven’t posted up my tutor feedback for Assignment Five. Here is it, as I write this my assessment is waiting until March to be judged. I’m feeling so nervous and excited, I’ve put my whole heart into this project from hours spent researching and planning to thinking about every aspect of the shoots and creating stories through the assignment. Every moment spent out in the field taking photos or sat at my computer stitching the photos into mini movies has been the best. I’ve literally loved every minute.

Tutor report

 Overall Comments

Evidence of much work here, your creation of the book/ prints and video demonstrates your enthusiasm and commitment to telling a story.

You have presented a solid exploration of the idea of capturing a wedding from the eye of a child to tell the story. This was a brave investigation as wedding photography is not a usual topic for an artist investigation as it is more in the realm of social photography. You have produced good evidence of your production work to support the assignment.

Large clean prints submitted and their use within the magazine/ book layout show useful text supporting them, and a variety layout options explored.

 Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

You have been measured and searching in the exploration of the exercises with relevant and observations made. Your exploration of the family day out is quite graphic and has a sense of documentary although unfortunately I feel adding the duck pictures doesn’t really inform this an artistic piece. Your other images are much more edgy and visually interesting.


That’s an interesting point as the whole trip was all about visiting a bird reserve and not including them would have been seen as a bit unusual. However perhaps I did include too many photos of the ducks, though I did feel some of them were artistic, especially the ones where the ducks shadow was included.


The exploration of juxtaposition is potentially interesting. The one in particular is about you looking and being looked at, the viewer. This is an often-visited theme in photographic theory. It would be good to further explore this using the texts suggested in the student handbook.

For your final assignment project it was good to consider a publication outcome as this helps you imagine the audience and provide some parameters to work within.

Your planning before the shoot is very thorough, and your breakdown of the management of the day to manage your health is a good management strategy.

Cover image:


The cover portrait image is well taken, crisp and clean. The print is a better colour as the book image has a yellow cast. The crop on the book works well. Although I understand your desire to have Leo on the cover (and it is a very good portrait photograph) I do wonder if this actually makes it just about him rather than the idea of the event from a child’s eyes?

 It’s strange about the difference in printing; this is to do with the company, which is disappointing. I’ve researched some of the better photo printing companies and used them for the assessment. As for the eyes, that was my initial idea but it didn’t fit very well on the cover, I decided to go for the full portrait image to show another style I photographed it. I wanted to use as many styles as I could for this assignment, using everything I’d learnt throughout the duration of the course.

Wake up:IMG_7565

This image works well and although is charming there is also something quite overwhelming about it! It really gives the impression of how things are seen by a small child. This image has nicely controlled ambient light, although the pink curtains do warm it up quite a lot.


That would have been an interesting take on this assignment, the scary world, my tutor mentioned in Assignment Three that my work has a real sense of fun and this is what I wanted to create. It would be something quite intriguing to work on something like this, almost like Joel Meyerowitz’s who’s images seem almost foreboding.


Outfit: IMG_7551

This image is graphic and again does look almost forbidding. The ‘bars’ of the cot and the empty clothes again give a different view from this different angle. This print is very warm and the yellow cast does make it rather clash with the other photographs.


What I love about photography is the many ways in which the same photo can be taken. It would be an interesting experiment to take a photo and see what people get out of it, either negative or positive emotions. Something to be considered for the next unit.


Church interior:


Good angle to show the vastness of the space, I do wonder if one of your other images with an adults foot in it might have worked here to re-enforce the child’s perspective? Taking photographs in a church is always a challenge with the lighting, the windows are often blown out as they are difficult to light and get the balance right. Researching how to overcome this might be a good area to develop if taking images in these spaces is something you would like to pursue.


I did quite a lot of research on church photography unfortunately the windows are slightly blown out. But perhaps this enhances the mood of the church, spiritual of white light and what it would seem like to a small child, overwhelming and powerful. However with my tutor’s words in mind I have included the image of the foot.


I do:



An attractive image of the moment, I do wonder if a small child would be aware of the significance of the moment? They would probably want to grab the rings! There is some detail in the stained glass windows although it is quite warm looking due to the ambient lighting.


I did mention in my comments that at this point in the service I was watching Leo and he kept looking from the couple to the church ceiling. Therefore I thought it was best to shoot this way to illustrate it, based on real research. I also wanted to show the theme of the wedding but not in a too intense way.


Confetti shot:


A very good image of the event-taking place, good capture of the energy and movement of the moment. From the child’s point of view I would suggest he would possibly be more interested in picking up the coloured bits of paper from the floor!?


Luckily I did take this exact photo at the wedding and am now able to include it here.


The car:


This is a nicely seen image, a crisp print and would be popular with the car owner. You suggest the small child would be interested in the car but I wonder if he would have been up close and investigating, looking at the reflections in the chrome possibly, standing on the running board?


Again I was watching Leo and he was staring around at everything, all these people, and the car, however I do have a photo of the couple’s reflection in the car windows, which I have included in the set.


The venue:



This image is well seen and is challenging to view. It does have quite a different feel compared to the other images although I do understand your motivation as you reflected on this in your write up.

Children always view the world in a unique way and I wanted to reflect this with the venue shot.




This image does show the right angle of view, as you suggest the focus is just off, he looks like he is eyeing up the wine! The image is quite warm and the high ISO has had an impact.


I like how my tutor said he’s eyeing up the wine. It’s unfortunate about the ISO but I had no tripod and I had no choice to use the ISO. However it does add to the sleepy grittiness of night, and it’s better to have the photo and high ISO than a blurred one and no noise.


Night, night:


This image works very well to suggest late at night and feeling sleepy. The online version has a much bluer tone than the print (although the print appears to be a different image?).


Very pleased with this and I have changed the image online.


Time for bed Leo.


This full circle is an interesting idea, created by the welcoming arms. I think the image online is cleaner than the print, which looks warmer, and some detail is lost in the face.


Overall the prints are of a good quality and seeing them so large is great to see, although it does show if anything is slightly out! But your translation of online to print is working well and you have a good workflow.


The idea of exploring such a traditional event from a child’s eyes has lots of potential and you have taken some strong images. I understand that being involved in such an event it is difficult to remove yourself emotionally so sometimes you captured the event from an emotional adult point of view. The book you have created is a charming record of the day. The images spread over two pages and full bleed work well, the other images stacked on the page are a nice record but less of an artistic presentation. The addition of the video is also charming, alongside your music, so well done. This is a package that could be for a client


No disrespect to my tutor but the whole time I was there I was thinking how a child would view everything and watching my nephew. I wouldn’t say I shot from an emotional adult POV at all. Every single photo I took shows it from Leo’s point of view. I created the stacked images because the criteria told us to think about the sizes of the photos and how they work as a whole. I’m very happy with her comments about my video as well; film is something I’ve learnt throughout this process and something I will bring into the next unit as well.


Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays


Good reflection upon your production, and this is supporting your technical development and the photographic message. Good to see the shot list and an outline of the ideas for the photographs.


The exploration with a subject theme really indicates a purpose here and your experimentation in the exercises explores the narrative idea and ways to approach this.


You have looked at a number of artists and have also looked into the photographers suggested. I would really like you to do further reading of a more theoretical level, in particular referring to the books recommended in the student study guide.


Many of the photographers you have researched are not peer reviewed or critically discussed (often as they are so early into their careers). This type of reading into work that has been critically explored will provide a deeper understanding and insight into the place photography holds as a medium.


Suggested reading/viewing


Duane Michals- photo sequences

Chris Killip- social issue photographer

Harold Evans- an editor

Anna Fox- photographer and bookmaker

Marjorlaine Ryley- photographer and bookmaker

Liz Wells/ Susan Sontag/ Charlotte Cotton- critical writers about photography


Pointers for the next assignment

Your technical approach and ideas are solid and your commitment to the projects has been excellent. The area to continue to find and develop is to explore the critical theory and photographic research element of the practice now. This will develop your vocabulary and understanding of the creative photographic world.


Tutor name: Sam Henderson
Date 18/ 12/ 2014
Next assignment due Complete


With my tutor’s comments about any colour casts caused by printing in the photos, I made the decision to have all the photos re printed at a more quality printer. Immediately I noticed the difference in colour, quality and sharpness.




My tutor suggested I also include the photo of my models foot in the photo to show the sense of scale, the depth of field is quite intense for such a vista but you can also feel how Leo is peering over the shoe feeling nervous. Though the focus could be stronger. I prefer the original as it illustrates the vastness much more efficiently.




She also recommended taking a photo of the confetti on the floor, as it would have it, I took this exact photo at the wedding for a back up. I like the converging lines create a sense of drama and height, which I learnt in assignment one.


The final edit is Leo interested in the reflections of the car one of the additional images I hadn’t used in the final assessment, purely because of the expressions of the bride and groom as they were puzzling something out. I like the window framing it though.

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