About Me

Hey, my names Chloe, I’m twenty and this is my blog for my Photography course through the Open College of the Arts. I’m really excited to start this journey and I hope you enjoy it with me.

I have loved photography ever since I was two and I took a photo of an old coke bottle lying in the gutter with Mum and Dad’s camera. A man said “I’m a professional photographer and that is art.” And since then I guess I’ve never stopped taking photos, but it was a few years back when I really started taking it seriously. My friends are always driven mad ’cause I always have a camera in my hand.

So this is going to be my learning log showing all my assignments, photos and my personal blog.

I hope you like it, if you’re taking the photography course through the OCA I’d love to hear from you, send me the link of your blog and I’ll check it out.

Hope everyone’s having a great day

Hi Five

Hi Five






  1. Good luck to you!! I have been at it for a while now – and still haven’t submitted an assignment – I find there are so many things I didn’t know that have had to be checked out and learned!! On the way now though…

    1. Hey, thanks, sorry this reply is so late. I know the course is so much fun, I love it so much and have learnt loads. How is the course going for you now?

  2. hi Chloe
    Just seen your post on me as it came up on my google alerts! I am very flattered!!!! Thank you very much for your kind words. Keep up your great photography and enjoy your learning! All the best, Annabel xx

    1. Hi Annabel. So nice to hear from you, aw I’m really pleased you like the post. I just adore your work so much and want others to see it too, it’s my ambition to be as good a photographer as you are. Thank you so much, it made my day reading your message. Thank you.
      Chloe xxx

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