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Assignment Five Tutor Feedback

Just realised I haven’t posted up my tutor feedback for Assignment Five. Here is it, as I write this my assessment is waiting until March to be judged. I’m feeling so nervous and excited, I’ve put my whole heart into this project from hours spent researching and planning to thinking about every aspect of the […]

Assignment Five Video

Through the Eyes of a Child. Created by me, including the music and singing.  

Assignment Five Completed

The Official Assignment I will be telling the story of the wedding in a unique way, through a childs eyes. My fifteen month nephew, Leo, to be precise. Creating photos that depict a different point of view is going to be a challenge but I’m really looking forward to it. Instead of including my nephew in the photos […]

Migrant Mother

When photographer Dorothea Lange stopped by the road side by a sign for Pea Pickers, she took a few photos in fifteen minutes of a migrant family and then left. Those fifteen minutes changed her life and became the icon of the Great Depression. Incredibly she only took six frames. When I first saw her work […]

Assignment Four Tutor Feedback

I received my tutor feedback on Assignment Four. When I read through it I wasn’t sure how to feel exactly, but when I read it again I selected all the good positive parts and was quite pleased as there was definitely more of that than negative. My tutors comments appear in bold. And my response […]

Assignment Four Extra

I was experimenting with different ways of presentation and created the following for my photos of  Assignment Four.        

Assignment Four; The Video

Through this course I’ve discovered my love of film and photography combined together. I love creating a video to go alongside the photos. Hope you enjoy it. The Magic Gemstone Ilona has been ill with m.e an invisible illness that casts her world in black and white of pain and misery. Then one day her sister […]