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Assignment Two Feedback

I was extremely pleased with my tutor feedback on Assignment Two. I really tried to create images that were interesting ,different and appealing in a variety of subjects, so to read what my tutor said was really uplifting. Tutors comments in bold. My reflection in standard. Overall Comments Your experimentation with the technical exercises is […]

Assignment Two

Aim. To produce 10 to 15 photos relating to a specific theme while incorporating the elements of design and skills learnt so far. I chose the theme of Christmas. Single point dominating the composition Two points Distinct, if irregular shapes. A combination of vertical and horizontal lines Diagonals Curves Rhythm. Pattern Several points in a […]

Beginning Assignment Two

Due to bad health I am quite behind on the course though am working hard to catch up. I have almost completed assignment two, it’s just a matter of writing it up and organising everything. I’ve been looking at my tutors comments for the previous assignment to see how I can improve both in my […]