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Assignment Four Tutor Feedback

I received my tutor feedback on Assignment Four. When I read through it I wasn’t sure how to feel exactly, but when I read it again I selected all the good positive parts and was quite pleased as there was definitely more of that than negative. My tutors comments appear in bold. And my response […]

Assignment Four Extra

I was experimenting with different ways of presentation and created the following for my photos of ¬†Assignment Four.        

Assignment Four; The Video

Through this course I’ve discovered my love of film and photography combined together. I love creating a video to go alongside the photos. Hope you enjoy it.¬†The Magic Gemstone Ilona has been ill with m.e an invisible illness that casts her world in black and white of pain and misery. Then one day her sister […]

Assignment Four: Applying Lighting Techniques

Phew, I’ve finally completed Assignment Four, it was probably one of the quicker assignments. It took maybe a week with intense photography and a lot of research before hand. There was also tones of frustration especially with the form aspect, I was ready to knock the ‘improvised studio’ across the room! Luckily it did that […]

Finished Assignment Three

Well I’ve officially finished Assignment Three. Phew this one took a serious amount of time and at times I really thought I’d given myself too much to do what with the theme and story and everything but I think it’s paid off. At least I’m pretty happy with it. But I’m not going to sit […]