Category Part 2 ~ Elements of Design

Assignment Two Feedback

I was extremely pleased with my tutor feedback on Assignment Two. I really tried to create images that were interesting ,different and appealing in a variety of subjects, so to read what my tutor said was really uplifting. Tutors comments in bold. My reflection in standard. Overall Comments Your experimentation with the technical exercises is […]

Assignment Two

Aim. To produce 10 to 15 photos relating to a specific theme while incorporating the elements of design and skills learnt so far. I chose the theme of Christmas. Single point dominating the composition Two points Distinct, if irregular shapes. A combination of vertical and horizontal lines Diagonals Curves Rhythm. Pattern Several points in a […]

Beginning Assignment Two

Due to bad health I am quite behind on the course though am working hard to catch up. I have almost completed assignment two, it’s just a matter of writing it up and organising everything. I’ve been looking at my tutors comments for the previous assignment to see how I can improve both in my […]

Project. Rhythm and Pattern

It’s the same for all genres of art, photography, drawing, architecture, even music, Rhythm and patterns create an intriguing image and can further enhance the viewers experience. By showing the detail of a larger subject you can create intrigue in the viewers mind. For example if you have to take a photo of a wide […]

Project: Circles

Before this course I had never stopped to look at all the different shapes in photography. If I saw a Ferris Wheel for example, I would know it was a circle, but I wouldn’t think about the effects of using it in composition. My first idea for a circle was the Ferris wheel on Blackpool […]

Project : Rectangles

Rectangles are yet another compositional tool to shape the way in which we approach a photo. At first when I was starting this project I assumed I would be searching for buildings or other architecture that shared this trait. However first I decided to search around the house to see what I could find. I […]

Project: Triangles

Triangles. Michael Freeman states that triangles in photography, “Are the most useful shapes…they are simple to construct or imply…do not need to be in any particular arrangement…they have the interesting combination of being both dynamic, because of the diagonals and corners, stable- provided that one side is a level base.” His photo depicturing a malaria […]