Category 10. Lines

Exercise: Curves

Exercise Curves Recently I became the proud new owner of a Canon E0S 60D and have been learning how to use the camera to its full advantage. That is why some of the photos are taken on my Pentax k200D as well as my Canon. For this exercise I had to take four photos that […]

Exercise Diagonals.

Diagonals. This exercise was a lot more challenging than I had originally thought. A diagonal after all is just a line at a different angle, in some cases. But capturing this in camera proved to be slightly difficult. For one the line always seemed to look straight. I searched for many examples from a flight […]

Project Three: Lines

In photography lines are used to create dynamic impact, to lead the eye to certain elements in the photograph. The three types of lines that the following project encourages you to look at is Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal. For this project I will study the first two. Darren Rowse, the editor and founder of Digital […]