Category Part 3 ~ Colour

Colours into Tones in Black and White

Aim. To create a still life using the colours, red, blue, green and yellow then convert it to black and white and apply several filters. I found the colours I needed in this bouquet of flowers, add to the mix the blue garden ornament and I had my photo. Including the grey card in the […]

Colour Relationships

I had to take three photographs following the colour ratios as suggested by the writer J.W Goethe and then choose three to four colour combinations that appealed to me. Red:Green 1:1 A colour found commonly in nature. I photographed this Carnation, red is one of the most powerful of the colours and always dominates the […]

Colour Research – Blue and Orange

The ratio or orange and blue in photography should be 1:2 as devised by the German poet and playwright, J W Von Goethe. Orange and blue are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Perhaps they shouldn’t work so well together, but they do. Before I try and photograph my own version I want to […]

Research. Colour Relationships

I love reading about the power of colour and the emotions it can generate and because of this I’m really enjoying this unit. I made a mind map to studying the effects that each colour has on people and the way in which it achieves this. The photos used in the mind map are stock […]

Exercise: Primary and Secondary Colours

I hadn’t expected this part of the course to be easy… though thinking of it, photographing six different colours should be fairly straight forward however it was anything but easy. Once you’d attuned yourself to noticing every colour around you it was incredible how many leapt out at you from the abundant green even discoverable […]

Research for colour photography.

While the weather covers everything in a sheet of monochrome and like standard white balance registers everything as 18% grey there isn’t much hope photographing vibrant colors outside. So it’s time for some research. When you think of powerful colors all sorts of possibilities spring to mind, flowers, green trees, the blue ocean and sky. […]


Since joining this course I’ve signed up to several photography newsletters. Not only do they impart invaluable knowledge on a daily basis but they also provide the photos and information to inspire. There’s something for everyone and every situation. For instance for one of the later assignments, telling a story, I’m going to be photographing […]