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Cloudy Weather and Rain Part Three

Rain. The reason I’m posting this late is because the weather has literally refused to rain. Or at least when it has it always makes my asthma so bad I’m stuck in all day unable to take photos. But this morning I woke up and hurray it was raining. I grabbed my Canon camera and […]

Exercise Cloudy Weather and Rain

I am so behind on this course which I’m quite upset with, but I can’t help it when my health relapses back landing me unable to leave the house for weeks. But thank goodness, I’m climbing back up again out of the pit and can return to my course. Exercise. To take photos of the […]

Exercise: Shiny surfaces.

This exercise was very frustrating. Purely because the tracing/baking paper had a mind of its own and was determined to photobomb every shot. Initially I photographed the mirrored trinket box.   As you can see the reflection of the camera is distracting and it lacks contrast. I battled with the cone but couldn’t get it […]

Exercise The Lighting Angle

I’m a bit behind posting these exercises, I wanted to use my energy on getting the assignment done then post these afterwards. The Lighting Angle I had to choose a subject that was rounded and with relief then photograph it with the lighting coming from different angles. I realise I did this with my stop motion […]

Softening the Light

I had to take two photos, one using just a naked light, the second using a diffuser, in this case a piece of tracing paper. Initally I took a photo of my amethyst gemstone, the object I am intending to use in the assignment, I shot in daylight in my room but shut the curtains […]

Cloudy Weather and Rain Part Two

The Red Arrows display wasn’t exactly the time I wanted to shoot the Cloudy Weather section, but photographers have no control over the weather, they can only harness it to create the effects they want and work with the available light. Everyone was crowded around shivering with the overcast freezing day and I decided to […]

Exercise. Higher and Lower Sensitivity

I had to take several photos on high and lower sensitivity by using different ISO on an overcast day when light level, subject movement or depth of field was only just possible . It just so happened that as I set off to do exactly that the sun came out. And it stayed for several weeks. Which […]