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Cloudy Weather and Rain Part Three

Rain. The reason I’m posting this late is because the weather has literally refused to rain. Or at least when it has it always makes my asthma so bad I’m stuck in all day unable to take photos. But this morning I woke up and hurray it was raining. I grabbed my Canon camera and […]

Exercise Cloudy Weather and Rain

I am so behind on this course which I’m quite upset with, but I can’t help it when my health relapses back landing me unable to leave the house for weeks. But thank goodness, I’m climbing back up again out of the pit and can return to my course. Exercise. To take photos of the […]

Cloudy Weather and Rain Part Two

The Red Arrows display wasn’t exactly the time I wanted to shoot the Cloudy Weather section, but photographers have no control over the weather, they can only harness it to create the effects they want and work with the available light. Everyone was crowded around shivering with the overcast freezing day and I decided to […]

Night Time Photography

Just as I was about to shoot the indoor lighting I went and hurt my neck (simply sitting down) and now can’t really do much photography. So I have gathered together some of my night time photos taken towards the end of last year. The effect of zooming in and out on the camera on […]


My health has been really bad for the past three weeks, I’ve hardly even left the house, let alone go out and take photos. It’s basically a combination of working too hard, doing too much and staying out late at night to take the night time photos. That coupled with asthma hasn’t produced the funnest […]

Low Sun Research

Tonight we are off hunting for the sunset again. Well, not exactly a hunt but we have had times in the past when the sun evaded us at all cost and even though it hadn’t set it was clearly hiding very well. I need to take a series of photos on the theme of low […]

Exercise. Light Through the Day

This exercise was so much fun. I had to take about 12 images to notice what happens as the sun moves around. I needed to be somewhere the whole day and the obvious choice was a nearby street so I ¬†could carry the tripod out every hour. ¬†The first day I tried it I was […]