Category 21. Photographic lighting

Exercise: Shiny surfaces.

This exercise was very frustrating. Purely because the tracing/baking paper had a mind of its own and was determined to photobomb every shot. Initially I photographed the mirrored trinket box.   As you can see the reflection of the camera is distracting and it lacks contrast. I battled with the cone but couldn’t get it […]

Exercise The Lighting Angle

I’m a bit behind posting these exercises, I wanted to use my energy on gettingĀ the assignment done then post these afterwards. The Lighting Angle I had to choose a subject that was rounded and with relief then photograph it with the lighting coming from different angles. I realise I did this with my stop motion […]

Softening the Light

I had to take two photos, one using just a naked light, the second using a diffuser, in this case a piece of tracing paper. Initally I took a photo of my amethyst gemstone, the object I am intending to use in the assignment, I shot in daylight in my room but shut the curtains […]