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Final Exercise. Rain

I absolutely love rain, I know it’s strange, it damages cameras, stops everything but it doesn’t have to have you running for cover. In fact I’m usually the one standing in the rain though not for long because of my asthma and health but if I was 100% cured I’d definitely be the one out […]

Illustration by Symbols.

This part of the course required me to think of some symbols and the possibilities surrounding each one. Nature is something that represents so many things from growth to life. Colours especially can always add to the hidden meanings or even obvious ones as you can see in my colour research study. Here I must […]

Featured :D

I’m really happy to say my work was featured on the Open College of the Arts Page. I was really touched by everyones comments and that Joanne felt my work was worthy enough to be featured. Thank you 😀

A Narrative Picture Essay

This exercise required me to set myself an assignment and photograph it. I decided to choose the story of going for a day out with my family. I wanted to capture the feeling of the day with a variety of shots. My sisters boyfriend didn’t want to be included so I tried to focus more […]

Exercise Cloudy Weather and Rain

I am so behind on this course which I’m quite upset with, but I can’t help it when my health relapses back landing me unable to leave the house for weeks. But thank goodness, I’m climbing back up again out of the pit and can return to my course. Exercise. To take photos of the […]


Today on Google there is a link to a new Trek on the Google Earth/Street View. Intrigued I went to it and saw this about the Great Pyramids of Giza. I scrolled down four times until I reached the ‘Digging for Truth’ I’ve not stopped staring at it. I love how the five clips brilliantly and […]

Assignment Four; The Video

Through this course I’ve discovered my love of film and photography combined together. I love creating a video to go alongside the photos. Hope you enjoy it. The Magic Gemstone Ilona has been ill with m.e an invisible illness that casts her world in black and white of pain and misery. Then one day her sister […]