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Interview. Silvia Colombo

  Today I am interviewing the amazing Silvia Colombo. Every single one of her photos is beyond amazing and goes beyond capturing just a snapshot. She evokes emotion and mood and her work just blows me away every time I see it. I’m very pleased to be able to interview her as she is a great […]


  Today we are talking to Amy who captures beautiful photos of the flowers, nature and the beauty of everyday life. Her photos take us deep into the natural world where we can gaze at the gorgeous flowers and beautiful still peaceful moments that we so often take for granted.   Tell us a little […]

Interview – Kiara Vestigium

This interview is a little different, instead of sending all the questions in one, I was able to interview Kiara live so I could shape my questions to her answers. I hope you like it. Kiara is an amazing, dedicated person who captures beautiful photos of the world, especially the big cats at  the Sanctuary for […]

Interview. Stuart.

Today’s interview is with a photographer who concentrates on showing the beauty of the tiny worlds around us from insects and life in the undergrowth to stunning photos of flowers that highlight just how beautiful the world is.     Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hello. My name is Stuart and I live […]

Interview. Michael Grable

    Today I’m very pleased to introduce, Mike Grable, an incredible photographer who captures the beauty and magnificence of water through his breathtaking photography. Whether it’s a ferocious wave pounding the rocks, still serene reflections that slow everything down or watching the sun disappear into the depths of the water his work enthralls and inspires […]

Kitty Borosjenői Interivew

    So far we have met photographers who capture the drama and power of nature, one who aims to show the world the beauty and character of life and today is Kitty Borosjenői who’s photos beautifully portray the delicate and fragility of nature, yet at the same time showing how strong it is. Her photos take […]

Photographer Interview: Panna-Cotta

      All copyright belongs to Panna-Cotta Today I am interviewing an incredible young photographer, Panna-Cotta, Ania, is only 22 but her photos of the natural world as spellbinding. Especially her cat photography. There are so many photos of cats in the world that are so cute, but her photos also go beyond cute, […]

Photographer Interviews. Lawrence James Cornell

Hey everyone As part of my learning log I am to study other photographers and study their ways of capturing magnificent moments in their photography. At first I studied famous photographers but now I want to do more. I wrote up an interview and asked on my photographic sharing website whether anyone would be interested. […]