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Smile and Quote of the Day

“I believe laughter has a depth and universality that transcends generations. And laughter has the effect of livening things up instantaneously. It also has the power to make people happy.” A Japanese photographer took these adorable photos of his young daughter and they can’t but help put a smile on your face. This is what […]

Kitty Borosjenői Interivew

    So far we have met photographers who capture the drama and power of nature, one who aims to show the world the beauty and character of life and today is Kitty Borosjenői who’s photos beautifully portray the delicate and fragility of nature, yet at the same time showing how strong it is. Her photos take […]

Photographer Interview: Panna-Cotta

      All copyright belongs to Panna-Cotta Today I am interviewing an incredible young photographer, Panna-Cotta, Ania, is only 22 but her photos of the natural world as spellbinding. Especially her cat photography. There are so many photos of cats in the world that are so cute, but her photos also go beyond cute, […]

Artist study

Cass Bird I love her photography, it captures such an abundance of emotions, happiness, laughter, loneliness, contemplation and each photo is brought to live vividly through colour, lighting composition and the raw emotion on the models faces. Bringing together a clash of culture from the Masai women on the beach jumping with sheer joy with the […]

Diana Marokosian

Diana Marokosian Diana is a photographer like no other. Her photography tells stories, vivid, powerful and very emotional stories that penetrate your very soul. Sometimes when you look at a photo you find this inner stillness and everything around you fails to matter for those several moments as you enter a new world. In some ways it […]

Artist Study

One thing I need to improve in my learning log is the amount of photographer studies. At the moment there are only a handful, I need to analyse more of their work, analyzing their technique, their artistic voice and also to be able to successfully to describe the overall effect the image has on you. I […]

Photographer Study. Annabel Williams.

I first discovered Annabel William’s works in Ian Farrels guide to Digital Photography. I was so taken with her unique images that I instantly signed up to her blog and also wrote to her to say how much I loved her images. I was so pleased when she wrote back giving me great feedback about […]