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Artist Study – Juliet Chenery Robson

My tutor suggested looking at Juliet Chenery Robson’s series ‘Portraits of  a Postmodern Illness’ The moment I read the first thing about her, I was intrigued, for me someone who has suffered from ME since I was eight years old, this was a photographic series very close to my heart. I know a huge amount of people […]

Artist Study – Laura Letinsky

Laura Letinsky Laura Letinsky is a contemporary photographer from Canada who’s speciality is still life. When you see her work the first thing that strikes you is the colour, or more the lack of it. Huge parts of the canvas are filled with very neutral colours, mostly white which seems strange, but the vastness and […]

Artist Study. Chris Killip

Chris Killip is a social issue photographer born in Douglas on the Isle of Man in 1946. He became known for capturing images of a changing world. I’ve come across his photos before and remember his images being black and white depictions of the industrial world. Instead of just taking photos of the physical industrial […]

Duane Michals

Duane Michals is an American photographer who found his interest in photography in 1958 while holidaying in the USSR. Some of his best known work feature sequences, a series of photos cleverly used to illustrate a story. At a first glance his work seems strange and has this almost dark feel about it but when […]

Yousef Karsh: Photographer Study

Yousef Karsh has been called the ‘Ansel Adams of Portraits” I don’t think you can find a better compliment than that. I came across his work and the moment I’d seen one of his photos I was captured by the intensity of the character especially through the eyes, the window to the soul. Karsh quoted […]

Migrant Mother

When photographer Dorothea Lange stopped by the road side by a sign for Pea Pickers, she took a few photos in fifteen minutes of a migrant family and then left. Those fifteen minutes changed her life and became the icon of the Great Depression. Incredibly she only took six frames. When I first saw her work […]

Artist Study: Sam Taylor Wood

My tutor suggested I look at the work of  Sam Taylor Wood especially the videos Sleeping and Still Life I loaded up the Sleeping one first which portrayed a video of David Beckham sleeping. I sat there waiting for something to happen but soon realised that that was it. At first I thought, ‘What,’ I […]

Photography Exhibit

I recently went to a local photography show featuring photos from a wide variety of ages. The gallery was split into several categories, the one I was most interested was the wildlife photo. My two  favorites depicted a tiger staring right at the camera. It was quite a close crop so the focus was completely […]

Mythology Study

Greek Mythology Interpretations of Greek Mythology art. My tutor suggested I look at the role of art in Greek Mythology and see how it visually tells a story. I found this website of incredible works of art of the creatures from Greek Myths. Mythology is something I have always loved from when I was very […]

Beautiful Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposures After my artist study on the photographer Fiona Crisp I was eager to look more deeply into long exposure photography. Long exposure photography is something that I have never really attempted yet is something I would greatly love to try. The effect of slowing down a shutter speed to capture a new depth […]

Artist Study: Fiona Crisp/Long Exposure/Pinhole Photography

My tutor recommended that I studied several different photographers and the one I was most inspired by was ‘Fiona Crisp’  She captures incredible large scale photographs of subjects that are not only different to look upon, but also quite sinister. The places she choses are those with dark or powerful histories, they evoke the mood suiting […]

Metering Help

I just read this really helpful journal by Garry Kirsch about metering. He kindly let me share it on her.   “Spot, Centre Weighted, or Evaluative MeteringWhich is best?It’s a trick question. The answer is “whichever one is best for the type of photograph you want to take” – and every type of photography is […]

Interview – Kiara Vestigium

This interview is a little different, instead of sending all the questions in one, I was able to interview Kiara live so I could shape my questions to her answers. I hope you like it. Kiara is an amazing, dedicated person who captures beautiful photos of the world, especially the big cats at  the Sanctuary for […]

Emotions and Colour in Photography

These are my research notes as I began assignment three, which I am pleased to say I have finally completed 😀 I didn’t go with my initial idea of just showing emotion, instead I did a magic themed story though a great deal of my emotion research and colour psychology went towards this. They are […]

Eyes in the garden

Another hilarious shoot today. I have to get a photo where Aria is staring angrily at her mother who is telling her that ‘No, she can not make a love potion’ I wanted to have the focus on Aria but at the same time showing her Mum, all this had to be in a creative […]

Interview. Stuart.

Today’s interview is with a photographer who concentrates on showing the beauty of the tiny worlds around us from insects and life in the undergrowth to stunning photos of flowers that highlight just how beautiful the world is.     Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hello. My name is Stuart and I live […]

The Crystal Ball

The Guardian (aka our chubby cat Skye) is always watching. The moment I spotted my sister sitting with the cats on the lawn I grabbed my camera, dashed outside and found out that at last she was free for a photoshoot. I’m quite happy lying on the grass in sun or rain but she wasn’t […]

Orange Summer – Assignment Three shoot

The two colours I decided to work with next were orange and blue.  They are an interesting combination, they are basically opposites in terms of the emotion and connotations they evoke. Orange is a blend of red and yellow, two of the most powerful colours. They demand attention and it’s easy to see why red […]

How to create a magical cave.

Finally I am making progress on this assignment, I’m aiming to do at least one photo a day. Here is the slinky shoot…actually that doesn’t sound very effective. Ok, here is the Magic Cave shoot. Aria needs to gather the ingrediants for her love potion and what is more magical than a magic cave. Ok, so I […]

Assignment Three Shoot.

Well,  yesterday was definitely different. Standing on an icy winter beach with the vicious wind biting every part of you was definitely an experience especially when I’d brought the wrong colour jumper and my sister and I had to swap, which meant standing on the pier in just a t-shirt while everyone else were wrapped […]

Assignment Three Practise

I am really behind on this assignment, mostly because I did Assignment Five in advance and that really took a long time. Plus my sister is a huge part of this assignment, model wise, but she hasn’t been well at all, poor thing. This morning I just decided to experiment with the colour and the whole […]

Mini Worlds

As part of my course I need to study different types of photography and one that I have been inspired by is tilt and shift photography. Here are a few I’ve taken so far – changed to miniature in camera – A miniature little house backed onto the beach of Coombe Martin.   The owners […]

Kitty Borosjenői Interivew

    So far we have met photographers who capture the drama and power of nature, one who aims to show the world the beauty and character of life and today is Kitty Borosjenői who’s photos beautifully portray the delicate and fragility of nature, yet at the same time showing how strong it is. Her photos take […]

Photographer Interview: Panna-Cotta

      All copyright belongs to Panna-Cotta Today I am interviewing an incredible young photographer, Panna-Cotta, Ania, is only 22 but her photos of the natural world as spellbinding. Especially her cat photography. There are so many photos of cats in the world that are so cute, but her photos also go beyond cute, […]

Photographer Interviews. Lawrence James Cornell

Hey everyone As part of my learning log I am to study other photographers and study their ways of capturing magnificent moments in their photography. At first I studied famous photographers but now I want to do more. I wrote up an interview and asked on my photographic sharing website whether anyone would be interested. […]

Wedding Photos

Here are some of the photos I took for my cousins wedding last month. It was an amazing day and I hope I managed to capture the magic of the day. Let me know what you think 😀

Artist study

Cass Bird I love her photography, it captures such an abundance of emotions, happiness, laughter, loneliness, contemplation and each photo is brought to live vividly through colour, lighting composition and the raw emotion on the models faces. Bringing together a clash of culture from the Masai women on the beach jumping with sheer joy with the […]

Diana Marokosian

Diana Marokosian Diana is a photographer like no other. Her photography tells stories, vivid, powerful and very emotional stories that penetrate your very soul. Sometimes when you look at a photo you find this inner stillness and everything around you fails to matter for those several moments as you enter a new world. In some ways it […]

Artist Study

One thing I need to improve in my learning log is the amount of photographer studies. At the moment there are only a handful, I need to analyse more of their work, analyzing their technique, their artistic voice and also to be able to successfully to describe the overall effect the image has on you. I […]


The wedding was a success! It was such a rush of adrenaline and exciting capturing the images of John and Max’s beautiful day. I certainly wasn’t stuck for inspiration as every minute detail of the wedding had been planned out from the pink bows on the back of the chairs, the bouquets of flowers dancing […]