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Artist Study – Juliet Chenery Robson

My tutor suggested looking at Juliet Chenery Robson’s series ‘Portraits of  a Postmodern Illness’ The moment I read the first thing about her, I was intrigued, for me someone who has suffered from ME since I was eight years old, this was a photographic series very close to my heart. I know a huge amount of people […]

Artist Study – Laura Letinsky

Laura Letinsky Laura Letinsky is a contemporary photographer from Canada who’s speciality is still life. When you see her work the first thing that strikes you is the colour, or more the lack of it. Huge parts of the canvas are filled with very neutral colours, mostly white which seems strange, but the vastness and […]

Artist Study. Chris Killip

Chris Killip is a social issue photographer born in Douglas on the Isle of Man in 1946. He became known for capturing images of a changing world. I’ve come across his photos before and remember his images being black and white depictions of the industrial world. Instead of just taking photos of the physical industrial […]

Duane Michals

Duane Michals is an American photographer who found his interest in photography in 1958 while holidaying in the USSR. Some of his best known work feature sequences, a series of photos cleverly used to illustrate a story. At a first glance his work seems strange and has this almost dark feel about it but when […]

Yousef Karsh: Photographer Study

Yousef Karsh has been called the ‘Ansel Adams of Portraits” I don’t think you can find a better compliment than that. I came across his work and the moment I’d seen one of his photos I was captured by the intensity of the character especially through the eyes, the window to the soul. Karsh quoted […]

Migrant Mother

When photographer Dorothea Lange stopped by the road side by a sign for Pea Pickers, she took a few photos in fifteen minutes of a migrant family and then left. Those fifteen minutes changed her life and became the icon of the Great Depression. Incredibly she only took six frames. When I first saw her work […]

Artist Study: Sam Taylor Wood

My tutor suggested I look at the work of  Sam Taylor Wood especially the videos Sleeping and Still Life I loaded up the Sleeping one first which portrayed a video of David Beckham sleeping. I sat there waiting for something to happen but soon realised that that was it. At first I thought, ‘What,’ I […]