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Softening the Light

I had to take two photos, one using just a naked light, the second using a diffuser, in this case a piece of tracing paper. Initally I took a photo of my amethyst gemstone, the object I am intending to use in the assignment, I shot in daylight in my room but shut the curtains […]

How to create a magical cave.

Finally I am making progress on this assignment, I’m aiming to do at least one photo a day. Here is the slinky shoot…actually that doesn’t sound very effective. Ok, here is the Magic Cave shoot. Aria needs to gather the ingrediants for her love potion and what is more magical than a magic cave. Ok, so I […]


The wedding was a success! It was such a rush of adrenaline and exciting capturing the images of John and Max’s beautiful day. I certainly wasn’t stuck for inspiration as every minute detail of the wedding had been planned out from the pink bows on the back of the chairs, the bouquets of flowers dancing […]

The Day!

Well this is it. The day of the wedding. Sun is shining, yes I can get a blue sky in the photos. I feel slightly nervous, yes I can always choose Plan B but I’ve worked hard on this project and have so many wedding photos on my iPad I think my family are starting […]

Exercise: Curves

Exercise Curves Recently I became the proud new owner of a Canon E0S 60D and have been learning how to use the camera to its full advantage. That is why some of the photos are taken on my Pentax k200D as well as my Canon. For this exercise I had to take four photos that […]

Exercise – Fitting the frame to the subject

For this exercise I had to take a series of photos with different framing to teach myself more about the possibilities of composition and the effect it can have on an image. Usually when I take a photo, I see it in my mind whether it’s what I want and take it, but I don’t […]