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Assignment One: Tutor Feedback

Thoughts on Tutor Feedback. I’ll write my tutors comments in bold. “A good exploration of the assignment and the blog presents this clearly. The addition of the emailed attachment helps with this clarity. You are reading the assignments and unpicking the ideas. Continue to develop this further as this is good practice. You have energetically […]

Assignment One Contrasts

The Art of Photography Assignment One. Contrasts All photos are copyright. For the assignment I have to take sixteen photos and split them into eight pairs. Each pair has to have a contrast clearly shown in each image. There is also an additional one that conveys the two contrasts in one photo. I used my Pentax […]


Usually placing the subject dead centre in the frame can create a static almost bland look, unless of course this suits the mood you are trying to acquire. And with symmetry it can be extremely effective. The following photo, I took, of a blonde bee on a flower can be taken two ways. The bee […]

Focal Lengths

The purpose for the exercise was to ‘appreciate the simplest effect of changing lenses’ and how it changes a photo. I had to find a view that was open with details in the middle and distance. I was on a day trip and chose this replica of a Spitfire. The lake was in the distance […]

Positioning the Horizon

Positioning the Horizon In this exercise I am going to be exploring the different effects you can achieve in photography by changing the position of the horizon. I tried this out several times on a beach but I didn’t get the photo I wanted, it just seemed a bit lacking. So when I went on […]

Study into Black and White Photography

For the exercise ‘Positioning the Horizon’ we were given two photos to study. The first was by Edwin and Smith, but the second was the one I liked best by Ansel Adams. His photo ‘White Branches Mono Lake’ is so dramatic, especially in monochrome as the viewer can really feel the emotion of the piece […]

Dividing the Frame

Dividing the Frame. For this exercise I had to study several of my already taken photographs and decide how the balance works in each. These are the ones I chose. I’ve never analysed my photos like this before so I’m interested in seeing what I will learn. Photo One. The balance achieved here is with […]