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Tutor Feedback Assignment Three

Well I got my tutor feedback for my Assignment Three and am really really happy with her response. There were a lot more positive points than negative and she said she could see how much I loved this assignment and had fun with it. I’ll put my response in italics. Overall Comments An interesting exploration […]

Love and a little bit of magic.

This is for my photography degree, I had to create a series of photos using colour and decided to add a a story to it. Hope you like it. I wanted to have an audio track in the background but it was taken down on Facebook when I had owl city in the background. So […]

Assignment Three

The final images for Assignment Three and my photographic analysis alongside each one. All the images can be seen in this short film I made her on IMovie. Sorry there is no sound, I posted it on Facebook and because there was music on it I was told to keep it down. So consider it […]

Emotions and Colour in Photography

These are my research notes as I began assignment three, which I am pleased to say I have finally completed 😀 I didn’t go with my initial idea of just showing emotion, instead I did a magic themed story though a great deal of my emotion research and colour psychology went towards this. They are […]

Eyes in the garden

Another hilarious shoot today. I have to get a photo where Aria is staring angrily at her mother who is telling her that ‘No, she can not make a love potion’ I wanted to have the focus on Aria but at the same time showing her Mum, all this had to be in a creative […]

The Crystal Ball

The Guardian (aka our chubby cat Skye) is always watching. The moment I spotted my sister sitting with the cats on the lawn I grabbed my camera, dashed outside and found out that at last she was free for a photoshoot. I’m quite happy lying on the grass in sun or rain but she wasn’t […]

Orange Summer – Assignment Three shoot

The two colours I decided to work with next were orange and blue.  They are an interesting combination, they are basically opposites in terms of the emotion and connotations they evoke. Orange is a blend of red and yellow, two of the most powerful colours. They demand attention and it’s easy to see why red […]